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I’m back!

January 19, 2014

After a hiatus, I’ve returned to the blogosphere.  In the time that I’ve been gone, I’ve graduated college, gotten married, and begun teaching mathematics to high school crazies.

Throughout this time I’ve discovered that my thoughts involving the existence of God, clarity of Christian belief, and legitimacy of both have never ceased.  Most of my mental time that is not occupied by day to day activities is occupied by thoughts on the above.  I legitimately enjoy reading deep concentrated works regarding such philosophical and theological matters.  In college I often wondered if I really enjoyed reading philosophy or if it was just a sophomoric version of myself telling me that I enjoyed it.  Thankfully, I must’ve actually enjoyed it (and still do!). Thus, I’m going to recommit my blog to these things for a few reasons:

1) As noted above, I enjoy thinking about such matters

2) I feel like the world has been inundated with those who believe these thoughts (that God exists and that Christianity is true) are “obviously false,” and I’d like to be a drop in the ocean in the other regard. Also, by “world,” I think I mean “my world.” I don’t intend on demonstrating that the existence of God or that Christian belief is obviously true, but I do hope to demonstrate that both are not obviously false.

3) As I prepare to embark on further schooling, it wouldn’t be half bad to begin organizing thoughts into coherent creations.

4) While I’m not looking for a “following,” I would like to be part of conversations regarding these matters both with those who agree and disagree. (This joins with #1 pretty well also.) I could just read the blogs of others, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much of an impetus to create my own writing.


I’m hoping this blog will reflect some of the reading I’ve done / will be doing, and I hope the conversations that come from it will direct me to further edifying material and thought on the same front.


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