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I promise this is up and running—speaking of running!

May 8, 2011

An unrelated beginning note: One day I hope to make my blog posts more consistent in content (it’ll most likely be on Philosophy of Religion discoveries or Theological/Church ponderings, as I DO hope to be a pastor some day), and I also hope to make them more regular in occurrence. Life as a student, especially in that I’m currently studying abroad, is simply not conducive to consistent blogging. That or I don’t find it important enough to write one consistently. This blog began simply as an e-mail to my older brother. I got carried away. For now, thanks for reading!

As you may know, the Ironman race was started as a competition amongst a few endurance racers from various sports. Several of the competitors served in the military (I was once told that Navy SEALS started the competition, but in reality there were only a few SEAL competitors.)

With Navy SEALS getting all of their recent coverage in the news due to the bin Laden killing, I was just poking around their site to look at entrance requirements and training. Of course, I’d heard about Hell Week on a variety of occasions, so I knew it was intense. And since it’s so intense, I figured that there had to be some sort of “entrance” requirement as far as fitness goes (a fitness requirement much more demanding than any other military branch, given the reputation of SEALS).

I was right… There is a long swim and fairly long run (4-5 miles on the run, if I remember correctly) with strict time requirements (by memory again, I believe the run came out to a little over a 7:30/mile pace) in addition to push-up, sit-up, and pull-up requirements. Come to think of it, that pacing requirement may be at the end of one of the training phases. Even so, it is early in the training, so it’s almost required that you be a seasoned triathlon competitor beforehand to fare well at SEAL training. When investigating the officer route for Navy Seals, I noticed that one bullet point even explicitly encouraged success in competitive athletics.

After all of my perusing, I finally found the “Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Guide.” It’s a ten page (eleven with the title page) document which gives a suggested training plan in great detail. Entailing a balanced anaerobic vs. aerobic regime plus a variety of callisthenic and weight training exercises, the guide is a pretty sweet starter for beginner triathlon competitors, to say the least.

The only thing it lacks is a partnered nutritional guide and flexibility improvement techniques. Once I find those two, I hope to give this thing a fair shot eventually. Though, it may be a while, because for now I plan on training for a 100 mile bike race with Matt (Faus) which will occur at the end of this summer. While the guide contains a 26 week schedule, it also provides a method for creating your own schedule. It only requires that you maintain two Long distance, interval, and continual high intensity work outs for each week (which means six days of working out). All of those terms are explained in the guide as well. 

I think this guide could serve as a great springboard for an Ironman training program, which is why I was initially e-mailing Matt, but there are books solely devoted to that. Go look at the guide bro, and tell me what you think / how it stacks up to materials you might currently be using for your triathlon(s).

Here’s a link to the guide.


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  1. Regarding future blogs: My blog has made definite improvements since my first post. This is largely due to suggestions from my Aunt. Thanks to her for a few small comments which have gone a long way to improve this thing. If you, reader, have further suggestions, I am completely open to them.

    In my next blog, or one soon after, I hope to express certain goals and expectations. I’ve found specifically identifying and explicitly stating goals and expectations to be a helpful practice lately.

  2. Sounds like an impressive routine. Andrew was commenting on the desire to complete a couple of triatholon’s this summer himself. Can’t wait ’til you can compete together. That will me interesting.

  3. Matt Faus permalink

    I’ve been doing a lot of LSD lately. Good link!

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