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February 14, 2011

If I didn’t call myself a fairly flexible person before coming to Scotland, then I would rightfully do so now.  Though I’m definitely the “planning type,” I’ve never found myself highly incapable of adjusting.

The title of this post is the order of transportation our group of 15 took this past Saturday in order to arrive at and depart from an amazing Hike on Ben Ledi Mountain near the town of Callander, Scotland in “Stirlingshire.”  I find it extremely enjoyable that “shire” is in the name of the state/county (whichever they’d designate here), given that the scenery on the hike was comparable to the marvelous landscaping described in the books and depicted in the movies of Lord of the Rings.

Returning to the focal point of the blog, however, our transportation on Saturday doesn’t seem to be the only thing that has been so sporadic. The weather for today, which was forecasted as rain/snow, has followed this line of occurrences: rain-clouds-SUN-rain-clouds-rain-sleet-clouds-rain-SUN.  I capitalize the sun because it reflects my personal excitement upon seeing it.  As of yesterday, the ten day forecast was nothing but rain or snow. Therefore, today I took advantage of that initial Sun (around 12:15pm) to go for a short run on the beach.  I wish I had a picture from the beach this morning.  The temperature combined with the humidity from the previous rain caused a strange effect in the visibility.  While “fog” would be a justifiable term for it, I just don’t think it’s exactly right.  Whatever the case, it was cool.

The third and final example of my growth in (or demonstration of) flexibility comes in the need to take multiple trips to the library.  Short Loan = Satan.  The Short Loan system at St. Andrews libraries allows for four hours of book use before return is necessary (unless it’s past a certain time of the day, in which case the book is due back the next day or on Monday if the present day is Friday).  Because of this, my schedule today has been the following: Wake-sleep-wake-library-read-run-lunch-library-read-library-room.  My second trip to the library was more like a continuation of the run discussed earlier though.  I got out of the shower at 1:36.  The book was due at 1:46.  I’m not one for late fees, even if I do look a bit odd running through the quaint town of St. Andrews. 

All in all, the flexibility required for studying abroad has proved itself to be a fun adventure.  I imagine it will continue, but I’ll do my best to satisfy my brain’s need for a plan anyway. Hopefully I can finish that book I’m reading this time, so as to avoid another day of library sprints.

That said, I’m off to read-notes-read-notes-read-notes-library-dinner.


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  1. Fun post! Makes those “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” guys look lazy!

  2. Your schedule sounds somewhat like dad’s was today. It would go something like this parking meter-breakfast-shop-move car-parking lot fee-shop-parking meter-in to get quarters-parking meter-6:00 p.m. parking free until 8:00 a.m. Of course all could have been avoided if we had paid the hotel fee of $27 plus valet tips per day. Guess the Faus’ are all just very frugal. I’m thinking you could have purchased your book and also avoided the library sprints.

    Glad that you are learning flexibility.

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